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Los Cuadernos de Julia

My Julia Lambert Moment

At the end of Maugham’s novel Theatre Julia Lambert dines on steak and chips. She savours life and art and reflects on her role as an artist.

I love the novel and Julia’s character. Now and again I also wish I could be “normal”; then I remember how many people want to have at least one ability to do something creative, and I withdraw to “my room”.

But every time I want to reflect on something, to assess my progress, to ponder things, and especially to practice gratitude and feel proud and happy for myself —

I go to my local cafe and buy myself some chips. If the weather is good, I go outside, perhaps to the pond; if not, I stay in the cafe, observing people and feeling myself on top of the world.

Or, instead of chips I buy some ice cream. Today I had both, but I only took a photo of the magnificent, glorious maple tree at my local park.

And what do you do on such occasions?

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