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My Songs By Dionne Warwick

Annie Lennox posted on her Facebook page a video of Dionne Warwick’s song Walk On By, composed by Burt Bacharach. As she says,

I’ve always been drawn to the alchemy of Bert Bacharach’s music. Dionne Warwick must have been his perfect vocal muse, with the most amazing voice to express and interpret his songs. I think it would be hard to find another singer who could do them justice apart from Dusty Springfield.

I’ve discovered Dionne Warwick, when already in the UK, but as a singer of Heartbreaker that Bee Gees wrote for her. I like Barry Gibb’s version of this song, too, but Dionne Warwick has infused it with a pure female emotion. When back in England I sometimes sang to karaoke and recorded it, Heartbreaker in Warwick’s interpretation was one of the songs I tried to master more times than any other one.

And since we mentioned Bee Gees, here’s their version, too.

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