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Building Up On Humour

To add to the funny moments here is a rather blurry photograph (sorry!) taken at the Antique Salon in October 2012. When wandering through the splendid displays I caught the shelf where an antique bookend stood. To indicate the way it should be used, the owner of the stand, not thinking much, stuffed a DVD there instead of a book. Maybe he’d forgotten to bring a book, but so better for our story. So it came out that two warriors used their shields to support a DVD with a TV miniseries “Likvidatsia” (Liquidation) starring the world-known Russian actor Vladimir Mashkov. This was a serialised story of the crime fighting in the Ukraine in the post-war period, and Mashkov’s character was a chief of criminal investigations.

Just another proof of how popular this series has been since 2007 – the DVD even graced the Antique Salon.

Mashkov-Gotsman at the 33rd Antique Salon in Moscow


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