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Moscow Celebrates 874th Anniversary

For the 874th anniversary of my native city I went to the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. There are currently two “Italian” exhibitions. One, in collaboration with Pinacoteca di Siena, focuses on the rise of the Sienese school of art. It features at least one work attributed to workshop of Duccio di Buoninsegna and works by Simone Martini, Giovanni di Paolo, and others. It also demonstrates some rare Sienese biccherni and 13-14th Italian paintings and altarpieces from the Pushkin Museum collection.

Another exhibition features works by Giambattista Tiepolo (18th c.) and other Italian painters of 17-18th cc.

In the city, in one of the boulevards, there is an exhibition of Soviet photography. Photos span 1930s-1980s and focus on celebrations in Red Square and Moscow architecture.

Below is one of exhibits, a painting by a 17th c. Neapolitan master, “The healing of the man sick with palsy”.

Italy in Arts: Charles Aznavour – How Sad Venice Can Be

2011 is the cross-cultural year between Russia and the two European countries of Italy and Spain. So, on Los Cuadernos de Julia I have already started to share insights into representation of Italy in Russian painting, and there will be more on Spain, and hopefully I am also able to show how Russia and Russians were seen by both Italians and Spaniards.

However, I also decided to extend the representation of Italy and Spain beyond Russia, so the first example actually comes from the singer who has been living in France and is primarily known as a French performer, but who is loved and well-famous in Russia. Charles Aznavour, How Sad Venice Can Be.

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