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Russian Christmas Eve In Candlelight

I have written previously that I love streetlights, and it is perhaps only natural that I like to sit in candlelight. I have been doing this very often recently when the dark nights descended on our city, and I could curl up on my sofa. This is the sight I see in front of me, when I am in one of those ‘curling-up’ moods.

In my ideal world, of course, I’d be seeing this kind of landscape through my window (below) or watch the Picturesfromafrozenworld, but I can be fairly content with just imagining this winter wonderland. As a matter of fact, I can see the weather information in my browser, and it’s just got warmer by 2 degrees in Manchester: from minus 5 it changed to minus 3. Back in Russia, though, this is Christmas Eve, which is why perhaps I am in need for some extra winter atmosphere.

Photo credits: Huffington Post and Il Filosofo blog.

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