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Qype: Leonidas Chocolates in Bath


When you go to Bath, make sure you visit Leonidas. They are rather inconspicuously hidden jammed between different outlets in Bath’s High Street, but worth every visit. Cakes look delicious even as models: soft, airy, not the usual thick bricks you see in the confectioner’s shop window. And their chocolates are thoroughly recommended as fabulously light and unforgettable treat, at £2.50 for four chocolates.


Qype: W H Smith in Bath


WHSmith in Bath is one of the most unusual outlets, as far as the exterior of the building is concerned. It is not a traditional blue – it’s green. And for this reason it is easy to miss it the first time round. It is also easy to mistake for the trendy black Waterstones.

At the same time it is one of the best placed outlets. You can do everything in one go: get the latest fashion mag from the Smith and cross the road to buy the new dress and a few bangles at Monsoon and Accessorize, respectively. Or you can buy your dress and bangles first, nip into Carphone Warehouse for a quick glance, and then go to Smith to buy a novel, a crossword book, or the latest fashion mag.

The main disadvantage of this store is the cashier area. At a glance it appears to be a brilliant idea: four tills planted on a half-spheric counter. The doors that are used both as exit and entrance (as it happens in most shops) are located at both ends of the counter. The disadvantage is that the whole area gets terribly crowded, and people have to wriggle around the stands and each other. Not the most pleasant preoccupation for one of Britain’s holiday hotspots.

And the stock apparently causes occasional grievance to customers. Most of the time they cannot find a leading local newspaper. However, when I was there a guy with American accent was desperately searching for a copy of The Economist. He didn’t find it, and it leaves one to wonder if he posted on his blog about this peculiar fact…


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