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New Recordings

So, I have spent the past year translating, teaching, and writing. I narrowly managed to go anywhere past my own district not only because of work but also due to my gran’s illness. After she passed away on April 27, it’s been a bit of a downtime in our family, although this was something that could well be expected of an 89-year-old. We miss her nonetheless.

There are, therefore, very few photos to show BUT there are new poems, poetic translations, and… recordings. I must admit I didn’t do this cover especially because of Mr Aznavour’s anniversary this year. Rather, I rediscovered this song, and it downed on me that it could be changed ever so slightly. And so I changed it, and as I can see from SoundCloud stats two people have downloaded it. I’d certainly like to really sing it for  someone special one day (like Catherine Zeta-Jones sang another song for Michael Douglas), but right now it’s just a simple home cover of the famous song by Charles Aznavour that has now become He, not She.

Italy in Arts: Charles Aznavour – How Sad Venice Can Be

2011 is the cross-cultural year between Russia and the two European countries of Italy and Spain. So, on Los Cuadernos de Julia I have already started to share insights into representation of Italy in Russian painting, and there will be more on Spain, and hopefully I am also able to show how Russia and Russians were seen by both Italians and Spaniards.

However, I also decided to extend the representation of Italy and Spain beyond Russia, so the first example actually comes from the singer who has been living in France and is primarily known as a French performer, but who is loved and well-famous in Russia. Charles Aznavour, How Sad Venice Can Be.

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