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2018 Xmas: The Blurry Lights

The photo is this post has been taken today on my way to one of my students. The blurring effect wasn’t intented; it was a fortunate coincidence to my current thinking about how we make sense of life.

For life, in fact, is very similar to this alley seeded with blurry bulbs. The terrain is vast yet it invariably narrows because “narrow is the Path that leads to Life”. And on this Path we try to be guided by what is traditionally called “values”. Yet what are these values? Does everyone share them? Or holds the same definition? Or really adheres to them?

Obviously, what is fair for you may be unfair for thy neighbour. Or vice verse. Or thy neighbour thinks you’re barmy because of your values. And so you walk through your life, watching out for these blurry lights that might signal the right turn or path.

To me, however, it is important to follow Andre Gide’s advice: be true to that which lies within yourself. Your heart and faith save you where the mind fails. And it fails too often to rely on it completely.

2018 Xmas: Getting Into the Festive Mood

As the festive season is on its way, the Xmas label returns to the blog. In previous years I used to strive to post daily during December. Back then few people seriously tried to earn money with their websites, so December was an off-season time. Nowadays it is completely the opposite, methinks, so my daily blogging is unlikely to surprise anyone. And still, content is king, so I’ll do my best to bring you just that.

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