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My Saturday Music: Richard Gere

The first time I heard, well, read about Richard Gere was in the 1990s. It was, I think, a feature in the Russian ELLE magazine. I didn’t see any of his films, but I was of age when it takes very little to be inspired. I was inspired to have started writing a story that involved exchanging letters and Tibet. I haven’t found it in my archive yet; I guess it’s worth a second look. Years went on; I saw a few of his films; and then I saw Chicago. Back when I watched it the first time, it didn’t even register if or not Gere received any awards for his performance. Recently I rediscovered the film, and it was then that I found out, to my surprise, that awards were few and far between for what is undoubtedly amazing performance, complete with dancing and singing. Obviously, it takes sometimes years to be rewarded, and in the end one cannot live and work for awards, they have to live for what they love doing. Let Chicago stand the proof of how much Richard Gere loves the screen and stage.