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Bristol: The Wills Memorial Building

Bristol 79, originally uploaded by loscuadernosdejulia.

The passion for Gothic style that marked the entire 19th c. and the early 20th c. may well have culminated in some of the university buildings. In this picture you are looking at the interior of the Wills Memorial Building, the part of the University of Bristol that houses the School of Earth Sciences. It bears some familiar Gothic traits, like the fan vault. You may be surprised to learn, though, that this magnificent piece of masonry is just under a hundred years old. The building was erected between 1913 and 1925 by Charles and Harry Wills, the sons of Henry Wills, the first Chancellor of the University.

A Juliet Balcony on the English Facade

Bristol 71, originally uploaded by loscuadernosdejulia.

One thing I particularly loved about Bristol is its at times unexpected architectural “solutions”. I would describe these balconies as “italianised”: they certainly remind me of the balconies I saw on some photos of Verona and Venice. Here in Bristol they look plastered to a rather dull limestone edifice – as an afterthought to make a typical building look a bit like an Italian seaside villa.

Bristol: University and the Clock

Bristol 74, originally uploaded by loscuadernosdejulia.

This photo was taken on a very warm Saturday afternoon in April. I walked around the Cathedral, popped into the Library, then went all the way up the Clifton Hill, and then walked down to that part of the city where the University and Art Gallery are located. I went into the University building. It was solemn and almost empty inside, although there was a small stand informing the visitors that they should keep silence – exams were on.

A Place for a Romantic Walk

Bristol 38, originally uploaded by loscuadernosdejulia.

I took this photo in Bristol almost a year ago. There’re so many photos on my Flickr, yet I’ve only ever managed to tell about a few of them.

I’m not sure I managed to collect a full impression of Bristol, especially since I had to leave the house early in the morning and would come back no earlier than 8pm. Although April nights are lighter, it’s still far from summer. The rest of the day I was usually indoors. I tried to grab every opportunity to wander around town, and one evening I went towards the cathedral. If you stand at the bottom of the stairs, the cathedral is on your left.

I do, however, remember the feeling of being there. I’d just taken another really photo, and then I saw this staircase with streetlights splitting it in two halves, and my heart melted.

It all depends on a point of view, surely. These stairs and streetlights can feature in just about any story. There is some melancholic or philosophic feel to the picture. But I choose romance. I rarely share this sort of talk, but this is one place I’d love to go to, to sit on the stairs, to hold hands, and to kiss. I will have it in my own time, but if you’re thinking of a romantic place, this may be the one for you.

Bristol Exchange

Bristol 19, originally uploaded by loscuadernosdejulia.

Bristol Exchange , Corn St (Old City)

The country’s only remaining Georgian Exchange. Did you note the two-second hand minutes when there were local times; the black minute hand showed Greenwich Mean Time and the red minute hand was Bristol time! In front are the four nails on which merchants did their transactions, the earliest is c1560, and where the British saying to pay on the nail supposedly derived (by birbeck)

Qype: Flavourz Restaurant & Bar in Bristol

BristolEating & DrinkingRestaurants

If you are thinking of opening an eatery but struggling with the choice of cuisine, take Flavourz as your example. This buffet restaurant offers a selection of dishes from Chinese, Indian, Italian, and Mexican cuisine. Yes, it is the place where you can eat pizza, paella, noodles and Rogan Josh all at once, maybe even with some salad. And if there is any place still left in your stomach, then delicious profitroles, ice cream, and jellies are there to please your palate.

Relaxation area in on the top floor, although at the time of my visit it was empty. The restaurant is located in the city centre, next to bus stops and a taxi stand, which understandably makes it a hotspot for a Bristol night out.


Qype: Boswells in Bristol

BristolEating & DrinkingCafes & Coffee ShopsCoffee Shops

Personally, I enjoyed my first visit to Boswells. I went to the cafe on a rather chilly day, and I needed something to warm me and to raise my spirits. I forgot gloves at home, so coffee was definitely on the list. However, my accolade goes to their black currant cheesecake – the lightest, yummiest, best cheesecake I’ve probably ever had! The black currant jam top is rich and quite thick, and the combination of delicious creamy cheesy filling and tangy berries is irresistible and unforgettable… No wonder, the cafe is always busy, although there is little wonder, as it sits right in the middle of the shopping centre.


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