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Hello, and welcome to Los Cuadernos de Julia blog!

Los Cuadernos de Julia is an Arts and Culture blog that came into being on August 24th, 2006. Despite its primary focus, the blog often considers various topics in Art, Photography, History and Cinema from a philosophical angle. Hence it is not so much about exhibitions and art events, movements or personalities but about their place in a wider context of Philosophy and Humanities. 

The author of the blog, Julia Shuvalova, is a writer, poet and translator, whose experience outside of Literature embraces Journalism, Advertising and Teaching. She was born in Moscow, spent nearly a decade in the UK, and is now back in the capital of her home country where she lives and works. 

Here are reflections on the News, on England and Russia, Julia’s own work, and even Quotes – in additional to longreads on nearly all topics in the world. Featured Posts are at the top of the blog, there are Related Posts to every article. You may also be interested in Video and Audio, and there’s a Russian-language site, as well. Any other additions will be mentioned here. 

Los Cuadernos de Julia was conceived as an open notebook and has generally succeeded at being a sketchy kind of narrative that follows physical, intellectual and mental peregrinations of its author. In this, it is a very personal account of world events, historical anecdotes and cultural occasions, which is shaped by the author’s two degrees in History and a varied experience in Arts, Media, Advertising, and Education. A dozen of interviews, original or translated, may also be found here and there under a special category. The blog was awarded a Google Blog of Note on August 24, 2009. There are over 1500 posts on the blog, so feel free to dive deep into the blog’s past.

Los Cuadernos de Julia was awarded a Google Blog of Note on the day of the blog’s 3rd anniversary in August 2009

The author, Julia Shuvalova, is a writer and translator, fluent in a few European languages, in love with world culture. She has published a couple of books as a translator, two collections of essays and poems as an author, and has numerous publications as a poet and journalist. She lives in Moscow, skis in winter, and winds down with the knitting, surrounded by her pets.

Posts in Russian are available on a subdomain accessible via the menu.

The author is always happy to make a report about an interesting event or occasion, to do an interview, or to be interviewed. Please email her with details.

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  • Yesterday, on March 22, more than 6000 people were under a terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall, a Moscow Region venue famous for tremendous concerts. By night, 40 people had been reported as killed and over a hundred hospitalised with different injuries. Right now, the number of deaths […]
  • Following THE INTERVIEW of the century (Tucker Kalrson and Vladimir Putin), I want to point you to some posts on this blog that illustrate or analyze Russian history. Being an historian who spent 7 years living in a Western country, I am perfectly qualified to talk on these […]
  • Three days or so before Christmas all markets and squares were like a great forest of fir-trees. And what fir-trees they were! Russia is very rich in them. The ones here are thin and brittle. The Russian fir-tree, after it warmed up and spread its branches, was like […]
  • Ivan Shmelyov (1873-1950) was a Russian writer and essayist who emigrated to France after the October Revolution. The Year of God (Лето Господне) is a book of his recollections of pre-revolutionary life in Russia. The narrator, an adult person, recalls everyday life and religious festivals of a merchant […]
  • Many of my friends with whom I exchanged the New Year and Christmas wishes expressed a special hope for Peace and Victory. Judging by dispatches from the Western media, the end of the Special Military Operation is imminent because the West is losing the nerve and financial capacity […]
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