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My Dream of Amsterdam

I dreamt of Amsterdam last night; I’ve never been there, and I don’t even know which part of the city I’d seen, but my inner voice told me in the dream that I came to Amsterdam, and I believe it knew better.

This postcard was given to me by a unimate; in the summer of 1999 he went to visit the Benelux countries with his grandparents and brought me a few Belgian chocolates and this card, which was actually printed in Amsterdam. In our second year at the university we spent a lot of time together, went to museums and galleries, although I doubt either of us had had strong feelings for each other. We did appreaciate each other’s intellect and interests, however. I was given a lot of postcards around that time, it happens a lot when you’re 18-19, but suffices to say that all of those are stored somewhere in a box, and this one stands on the bookshelf.

I was surprised, however, to find out that Amsterdam is also called “the Northern Venice”, like St Petersburg (Russia) and even Manchester (UK). Which makes me want to visit it even more…

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