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Los Cuadernos de Julia

A Room of One’s Own

My room is not quite what you see in the photo, although, as I’m writing this post in bed, I’m lying next to tall bookcases. But it is definitely a dream: to have a study and a library, with an impressive desk, a comfortable armchair, and a windowsill-turned-bed where I could have a nook and a nap.

The time I spent away from my blog was rather productive. I won a translation contest, finished another book, wrote content for several sites, contributed articles on education, translated a couple of books, and still managed to get some sleep! Sadly, my oldest dog died at the beginning of September.

I also travelled to New Jerusalem monastery not far from Moscow, and I’ve got other trips planned. I plan to share photos of them soon.

I also found out that some people really care when we disappear from the view. Given the situation with the pandemic, this is understandable. So I am grateful to everyone who inquired about my whereabouts. I am, as the photo suggests, at home, doing rather well.

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