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Countdown to Festivals: Chestnut Christmas Tree

Many pleasant and unpleasant things are happening at the turn of 2008/2009. Unpleasant – credit crunch and recession are on. Pleasant (for me) – there was some snow in England. Last but not least, there is Christmas and New Year shopping, as well as markets and fairs with mulled wine, gingerbreads, and pretzels.

In my first year of blogging, 2006 that is, when I blogged practically every day in December, I created a 2006 Xmas label. I skipped 2007, but this year I thought I’d bring it back, and you may already have noticed it. We have 10 days till December 25 and half a month till January 1, and in these days I’ll be posting pictures and maybe short poems or texts on the festive subjects. I’ll be posting other articles, too, but 2008 Xmas label should be your destination if you are hoping to instill yourself with the Christmas spirit – and maybe even with ideas.

What I’d also like to happen, is to create the content of this label with your help. Wherever you are or going to be for Christmas and New Year, you can send me a picture from that place, and it will appear on the blog. It may be a photo of a New Year Tree in your locality, or the decorations you are preparing, the desserts you are cooking, etc. If there is a special custom you like observing for Christmas and New Year and don’t mind sharing it with us, you can send that, too. Understandably, the hard times we are surviving this year due to crisis and probably a host of other things may well be putting some of us off any kind of celebrations. As I’m caught up in this myself, my view is that we construct our own reality, and therefore, although there is no obligation to celebrate this particular Xmas or New Year, it would be too hard on ourselves not to try and be happy or at least joyful. Thus, let’s build the joy with our own hands.

First off, is this fantastic idea for a Christmas tree from Tatiana Afonina from Russia, whose Easter creations you could see earlier this year. Finally, chestnuts are of more use that just to be eaten: you can glue them together, creating a conic shape, and then you paint them gold. If you don’t care about having a dazzling Chestmas tree, then you can opt for a less glamorous but sweeter version – in the proper sense of the word: instead of glue you can use caramel, and in this case you will be able to ‘recycle’ the tree with no damage to Nature or your conscience, simply by eating it. Whatever you choose to do, remember that these days are all about protecting the environment. If this is something that concerns you, then definitely follow in to Tatiana’s footsteps, and your Christmas could hardly be greener.


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