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Christmas Tree Challenge: Day 5

What do you think when you look at a Christmas tree? Do you remember your childhood or youth if you’re an adult? Or does something specific spring to mind, like a toy or a dish or a relative?

I remember decorating a Christmas tree in Manchester when I lived in my husband’s house. The tree wasn’t particularly large, it was mounted on a small table, one of those three-in-one that are still so popular in the UK. There were lots of toys and tinsel, and if course, there was a garland with colourful lights.

A decorated Xmas tree always brings the memory of a cozy house, a loving family, and the all-encompassing sense of wonder lurking everywhere. This is what Christmas season is about: a wonder, a marvel, a faith that makes the impossible happen.

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Christmas Tree Challenge: Day 3

This time I am engulfed with some nostalgia for my English Christmases. I loved the rather solemn gathering of crowds in Manchester city centre in front of the Town Hall. We all waited for the beautiful Christmas lights to go on. And they did, and it was splendid. I enjoyed walking in the city at Christmas time, watching the garlands and savouring the Advent spirit.

Christmas Tree Challenge: Day 1

To lift our spirits and put us in the mood for upcoming festivities, I decided to make daily posts with Christmas trees. We aren’t celebrating the festival widely due to the special military operation; however, it doesn’t mean we can’t make ourselves warm and cozy with some magical photos. Thanks to Pinterest, it is easy to do. So, here goes… Day 1.

Source: Pinterest
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