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Christmas Tree Challenge: Day 17

As we’re getting closer to December 25th, and I’m going further along the list of my personal wishes for different spheres of life for 2023, I decided to add some whizz to the Xmas Tree Challenge with this beautiful and bright festive picture. What do you hope to find in the stocking this year which may change your life for the better?

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Christmas Tree Challenge: Day 14

When I started this glittering challenge a fortnight ago, I didn’t think of what I’d write in each post. Now, of course, I’m beginning to think of it; for instance, what if I collect all posts, edit them a bit, and make them an electronic book? I probably wouldn’t clear the copyrights for all pictures but I’d find those few where the copyright allows for a publication. Or I’d choose some altogether different pictures for the book.

I chose this picture because of pets. When I was at school and then at the university, I had one dog and one cat. Our Xmas tree and all the toys and baubles were always at the mercy of these tail-wagging beasts who were adorable but dangerous when it came to them being around the festive tree.

Today I have two dogs, and I prefer not to tell the number of cats because most respectable people get plunged into the deepest of shocks, even though there are less than 20 of them. Still, we prefer to keep them all and the Xmas tree away from each other.

Incidentally, our Xmas tree turns 40 this year, and it’s still evergreen.

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Christmas Tree Challenge: Day 12

An astrologer friend and I had a live stream today when we discussed the trends for 2023. Interestingly, she said that the events of 2022 had been forecast for the year 2025, yet “thankfully” they began to unravel ahead of time. I guess, if this is true (and I trust my friend), then this is the principal reason to thank Mr Putin. Many of us will say in hindsight that he was right to start the global changes.

So at 12:12:12pm on the 12th day of the 12th month of 2022 three people who were on air, we all made our wishes. Next time we can do the same is the night on December 22nd.

As for the image, I chose this splendid Xmas tree captured in the morning. If you missed the magical date and time on December 12th, then prepare your wishes for December 22nd!

Christmas Tree Challenge: Day 11

Yesterday Moscow was covered with the snow. I had to go out shopping, and both times I came back looking like a snowman. Incidentally, snowmen don’t live long these days. They last for a day or two, at the most. Then some teens come round who believe that snowmen are made to be undone and ravished… and before you count to ten, a snowman is lying there in ruins.

Thankfully, Xmas trees wherever they are put are guarded well. They may only suffer from toddlers and animals.

And yes, while it was snowing heavily yesterday, the rain has been forecast for tomorrow.

Christmas Tree Challenge: Day 9

As time goes, I think it was the most fortuitous event to have been born on December 9th. Two weeks later there’s Christmas holiday on December 25th, and just a little later – the New Year and then the Russian Orthodox Christmas.

My 2022 was quietly eventful:

  • my ex-students finished school and went to study Design and Veterinary Medicine;
  • I began to attend masterminds with the goal to develop my idea for an educational community in Humanities;
  • I am teaching several adult students this year;
  • I published 3 electronic books, including 2 poetry collections;
  • I’ve got a commission for a translation and a voiceover;
  • I celebrated the 25-year anniversary of my graduating from school and the 20-year anniversary of finishing the university;
  • and there are probably loads of other interesting stories from this year that I forgot to mention.

Of course, there are many not so happy events going on, but they just remind us to celebrate every peaceful and happy moment in life. I’m already planning my 2023, and I’m looking forward to the New Year for real.

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Christmas Tree Challenge: Day 8

Decorating an Xmas tree is always a labour of love, for you cannot just throw baubles around and stick the garland on top. This festive tree is going to set the tone for the year ahead, so it is quite necessary to take your time and to think where to hang which toys, stars, cones, etc.

In my childhood, we had two thematic New Year tree toy collections. One was dedicated to Morozko fairy tale, another – to the famous Ryaba the Hen tale. I loved putting up these “fairy” toys and always tried to hang them fairly close to each other, to preserve the gist of the tale.

I chose a blue-themed tree for this post ahead of my birthday. Its rich colours and flowers seem like a perfect accompaniment for the upcoming year.

Christmas Tree Challenge: Day 6

Apparently, metallic silver is back in fashion, so I chose this photo with metallic bronze Xmas tree toys. There’s a couple of similar toys in the form of pine cones in my collection. It’s always magical to watch the garland reflecting in this shiny surface. Making wishes under the Xmas tree is wonderful when they reflect back at you, as the Universe says “yes, you can have what you wish for”.

Source: Pinterest
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