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Los Cuadernos de Julia

My 2021

My 2021 was a good year, overall. After a tough yet very eventful and successful 2020 my body and mind were so overwhelmed that I was forced to take it easy – a short stay in the hospital included. I also lost my oldest dog; as much as it was expected, it was hard to bear.

I worked a lot, contributing several hundred articles to numerous websites and blogs and writing content for several e-shops.

I won a poetry translation contest from German into Russian, and my short story was shortlisted for a Roskosmos contest and published in a collection with other great entries.

I printed my fairy tale and am waiting for my long story to be printed, too.

Oh, and I’m finally writing a lot here. It’s (just like) starting over.

I’m grateful to 2021 for teaching me a lesson of importance of waiting, planning, and not forcing myself to make things happen.

In short, it was a good year. Thank you, 2021. Bring on 2022!

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