Winter Holidays End

As of 2021, Russian winter holidays now officially last from December 31st until after January 7th. And although this does not seem like too long a period, it seems I managed to take some rest. If you follow the link to 2021 Xmas category at the end of the post, you will read about what I did. I wanted to visit GUM and to walk in the forest and maybe have a ski walk, but I didn’t. I have some time for a walk, and I might still visit GUM, and hopefully I’ll give a brush to my skis, but in the meantime these are mere plans.

GUM Christmas Trees.

This is what I did:

  • sat in solitude and silence with a garland and a cup of tasty coffee;
  • read a lot;
  • framed my diplomas;
  • walked a lot;
  • ate 3 big cakes;
  • translated a lot into English, including a Bowie-inspired Space O;
  • blogged here practically every day;
  • slept to my heart’s desire.

And I don’t know if I had enough rest, but I have a feeling it was good enough. And this is the most important thing.

My winter holidays were something like that, cuddled with lots of soft cushions. Courtesy of Tartanscot

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