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Christmas Tale

It was a sudden inspiration as I was looking through some pictures, choosing which one of them to upload to the post. I ended up writing and narrating a story for a short video clip, which you can see below. I must admit it was the first time I attempted to synchronise my voice with the pictures, which wasn’t exactly easy. I still didn’t yet learn to produce credits, so I am passing many huge “thank-yous” to those who uploaded the pictures I used in the clip.So, this is my small present to everyone who reads Los Cuadernos regularly, and to everyone who happens to land on this page in future. I’m thoroughly enjoying writing for you, so much so in fact that now you can also hear me speaking. I know that the protagonist of the clip is a little girl, but the main idea of course is that everyone all over the world is waiting for a miracle, especially on Christmas. I’m waiting for it, too, perhaps more than ever before. I wish you all a very merry and happy Christmas, and a plenty of miracles ahead.

Christmas Tale. Written, narrated and made by Julia Shuvalova

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