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December Magic – 9

I don’t often write about my birthday on this blog. I am very grateful to all my Russian and some foreign friends who sent their greetings. I spent this day with my father at the performance of the Nutcracker Ballet by Saint-Petersburg Mariinsky Theatre at the Hall of All-Church Congregations of Christ the Saviour Cathedral. After the performance I went to the Cathedral to attend a part of the service and came home. It was a roller-coaster day but I chose to live it on my terms although in someone’s opinion it was totally heartless.

You see, we are often so hard on ourselves, and in time this burden becomes unbearable. I had to make a difficult decision, but when I spoke to my good friend he suggested this was a leap of faith for me. Either I would choose myself, especially on a day like this, and enjoy the ballet; or I would stay home and sink in tears. So I went to enjoy the wonderful music of Tchaikovsky. I did cry during the performance, and it is obvious now that I wasn’t totally heartless, but I firmly stood by my decision, and this clearly counts.

I shall write about my 2023 in this year’s final post. Now I’d only say that it takes courage and determination to follow your dreams, but the payoff is massive.

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Author: Julia Shuvalova

Julia Shuvalova is the author of Los Cuadernos de Julia blog. She is an author of several books, a translator, and a Foreign Languages tutor. She lives and works in Moscow, Russia.

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