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And So I Write My Life. A Poetry Collection

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I have not got too many books published in English yet. I translated one a couple of years ago, and I am working on another translation. But those of you who have been reading my blog for a while will have read a few poems here. I put them all in a small collection of poetry in English, And So I Write My Life, which is available in a digital form but you can order it in print. Some poems were originally composed in English, others were translated from Russian by myself.

And So I Write My Life collection is available on Amazon

Below is one of the poems from the collection:

That sleepless night when ceiling’s like a sky,
Heavy with floods of neverending thoughts
Hiding the long-forgotten thunderbolts
Of memories and regrets that never die –

That sleepless night, with feelings running high,
When you’re but forced to re-enlist your faults,
When Fear creeps under the dingy vaults
Of splendid Palace of your passing Time –

So let that night be blessed with your pain
Of every loss, untimely and vain –
To err is human, have you never known?

Let rain pour down and flood your corridors,
Let thunder break the windows, walls and doors,
So you rebuild all that was overthrown.

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