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Heat, Belarus, and Dogs on the Moscow Metro

The last few weeks were hot. In fact, they were HOT.

I very nearly began to miss Manchester where there is always a high possibility of rain even on the hottest day. I was so glad when it rained this morning… but at 3pm MSK the sun came out and is burning hot right now, when I am writing this post. Just as in Manchester kids play in the Piccadilly Gardens fountain, so in Moscow they bathe in a swimming pool with fountains, not far from the Moscow State Circus in Vernadsky Prospect.

Our cat made a habit of having a lie-down next to me in the morning. Both the cat and I know that I must get up. It seems the cat plays the part of the beloved and gives me a cuddle in the morning. Very nice of you, m’dear. (Although I’d much prefer a human body…)

My Dad has recently been to Belarus, two of the photos in the post are his. I’ve been staying in Moscow so far, but trips are coming up.

I’m getting engaged in a series of interviews; for one of them I’m now reading a classic book by Shawn Burn, The Social Psychology of Gender. Once again I am glad to discover that I have arrived to certain points through my own reflexion.

Last Friday I witnessed a black dog stubbornly going down the escalator that moved upwards. It all happened as I was discussing the problems of gender and self-identification with my photographer friend.

All in all, July is here, things are happening, I revel every day in every little thing, and I am grateful for all big things that are happening. Thank you!

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