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Moscow Churches: Life-Giving Trinity in Sretenka Street

A rather European church yard
Bell Tower (1788)

I had a long walk today in the centre of Moscow, and this time I will be sharing some of the impressions straight away. The first is a visit to the church of Life-Giving Trinity in Sretenka Street. The closest underground station is Sukharevskaya. The history of the church is quoted from the Russian Churches website, but the photos in the post are mine.

The iconostasis and a candelabra
The frescoes and icons

The church was built in 1651-61 (according to other sources – in 1657-71) in the Streletskaya sloboda (settlement of riflemen) on the monetary funds of V. Pushechnikov’s regiment (it was consecrated in 1661) along with the one-sided refectory having a side-chapel of the Protection of the Holy Mary (it was consecrated in 1680). The church was founded by riflemen (Streltsy) in commemoration of the Astrakhan crusade against S. Razin. Its predecessor was a wooden church known since 1635. The name “V listakh” originated from the printers who were living there in the 17th – 18th centuries and who made and sold popular cheap pictures – lists near the church.

The regiment distinguished itself in crusades, including the Chigirin crusade (1677—78), and it was honoured with tsar’s rich contribution into the church that became the memorial of military honour.

Entrance to the church
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In 1689 the cupola of the church cracked in fire and Peter the Great made a contribution to restore it, it was money for capture of the “rebel Fedka Shcheglovitov”. In 1699 the church was given a name Ruzhnaya for distinguished service of riflemen (Streltsy). In 1704 by the decree of Peter the Great the church was awarded a status of the Admiralty and parish church of the Sukharevskaya tower. It was renovated in 1878.

It is a cross-building, four-column, cubical church having five solid helmet-shaped lantern domes. The side portals are decorated with pattern brick.

The church was closed in 1931 as the priest was arrested. In the 1930-ies its dome was destroyed, in 1957 the bell tower was demolished. Since the 1980-ies it was under restoration.

Decor of the tower
Decor of the side door.

In 1990 the church was returned to the Russian Orthodox Church. It was consecrated in 1991. 

P.S. The decor of the side door may well remind the students of European architecture of the Romanesque cathedrals. 

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