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Neighbourhood Cam: The New World Awaits

Following the referenda in four parts of the now former Ukraine, we are waiting for the ratification of historic documents tomorrow. The sunset tonight signifies the glimpse of hope that always shines amidst the most terrible circumstances. The war in Donbass isn’t over yet, but its end is imminent because the territory has rejoined Russia.

The war with the West is imminent, too, and no, “we didn’t start the fire” but we are going to end it.

Currently a couple of hundred thousands of Russian citizens are peacefully “invading” Georgia and Kazakhstan under the name of the “great escape”. This exodus marks the moment when Russia is only full of people who want it to exist and who want to exist with it – or not.

The readiness to die is what sets Russia apart from the rest of the world. And this is precisely what has allowed my country to survive the ordeals many other nations could not withstand. The more you are prepared to die, the more you fight for your life – metaphysically, first and foremost.

The single mistake of the Western world, Europe in particular, has been the desire to live in peace. And so it was eager to sustain any status quo that made it possible. Now it has all but lost its own status as a political subject. Britain has left the EU to remain the one.

On the contrary, by starting the special military operation, Russia has shown that the country will no longer tolerate the status quo that includes, among other unacceptable things, the resurrection of Fascism. And we are ready to undertake every measure that Europe ignored or was unable to undertake.

And it explains why Russia is taking time to “respond” to a teract on Nord Stream. There is no hurry, and Europe is now a continent in distress, it will need help, obviously, but it will have to cope by itself.

The only thing I would tell all Europeans is this: don’t go to the US. Why would you go to work and pay your taxes to the country that bombed Japan and Vietnam and is now pumping money and weapons into Ukraine? It’s OK if you plan to stay in your home country, but if you’re thinking of moving, then go to Russia. People here speak different European languages, women are beautiful, and you will always be able to return to your home country…

Football Fans in Russia Turn to the Front

Russian football fans unite behind the team “RUSSIA”. They make the support of the country and soldiers their priority.

Russia may not be the most potent football power, but its football fans are known for their ability to unite behind their favourite team. Today they unite behind the team “RUSSIA”. Below is an extract from the Russian football fan club CSKA Vandals address to other fan clubs:

“Dear friends, regardless of your club preferences,

Some of you have long followed the event in Donbass and have already made their contribution to the fight, but for some of you the war is only just beginning to get personal. Now that each of us has seen (or may see) their pals, friends, or relatives go to the front, it is high time to stop having vain hopes and thinking that this war is far enough to pass you by. It won’t. It is time to realise your personal responsibility for the guys at the frontline and for the future of our country and to start helping each other, so as to bring closer the end of fighting and the peace. Better later than never.

Many were emotionally driven by fear to flee the country in haste, but we are staying here, in our homeland, with our near and dear, and with you. From now on we stop any football-linked activity and make the support of our brothers and the victory of Russia our sole priority”.

Translated from Russian by Julia Shuvalova

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The End of Germany?

After today’s attack on Nord Stream it is clear: the powers-that-be are working hard to speed a bitter end for Germany and European industry.

In case you didn’t know, Germany was once the most powerful state in Europe. It was called the Holy Roman Empire and it existed from 962 until dissolved by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1806.

Russia traditionally established matrimonial unions with Germany in the 18th and the 19 th centuries; and so did Britain. However, following the demise of the HRE, Germany gradually became an anti-Russian actor in the European political theatre. Great Britain habitually drove a wedge between the two countries, assisted by France. The two bloodiest conflicts of the 20th century occurred between Germany and Russia, leading to significant losses in population, a separation of Germany, and a long-term economic regeneration of the countries.

21st century and Nord Stream

In the last 50 years there was a glimpse of hope for the future relations between Russia and Germany. However, as we can see now, the very idea of the European Union has been to ensure there would not be a single powerful state on the European continent. Scandinavian countries naturally “withdraw” from continental politics. Britain officially left the EU in 2020. Germany was pinpointed as the new leading power in Europe. Yet after today’s attack on three lines of Nord Stream it is clear: the powers-that-be are working hard to speed a bitter end for Germany and European industry.

The occurrence has already been called an act of economic terrorism. The US have previously indicated that they were going to destroy Nord Stream. It is clear that the USA and Great Britain worked together to hammer this “fizzy” bolt into the European economy. Now that Nord Stream is out of order Europe will have either no gas at all, or it will have to buy it from Britain and the US at an extremely high price.

Economic Piracy in 2022

Worse yet – and there is some analysis on this – this attack to destroy Nord Stream is to have some very sinister consequences. German investors have already turned to the US; now the business and engineers will have to turn there, too. If they cannot live and work in the coldness of European winter, they have to migrate… to the US.

This is more or less what the Soviet people experienced in 1990s, following the demise of the USSR. A lot of people left the country in search for better opportunities and salaries, often going to the US. Now the same is about to happen to Germany, which country, significantly, became united at the expense of the USSR collapse.

The Swedish seismologists acknowledge that there was no underwater earthquake in the area of the gas leak, and that the resulting ruptures in the pipes were caused by explosions, Meanwhile, the Polish ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs Radek Sikorski has posted this picture on Twitter.

The US and its satellites don’t even conceal their terrorist attack – on Germany, Europe, and peace. Such is the price you pay for adhering to Realpolitik. You endlessly create an enemy to exist.

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Ukraine is the New Afghanistan for the USA

The cost of maintaining the war in Afghanistan was the same for the US as is presently the cost of Ukraine.

The pandemic that struck in 2020 now seems far less terrifying than impeding hunger, cold, and a global war. A lot of people throughout the world still hope to somehow escape the conflict by moving elsewhere. But I doubt there is a place on earth where one can confidently hide. So, I believe we’d be better off facing the real circumstances. Here’s a text from another Telegram channel with a brief analysis of America’s plans to make Ukraine the new Afghanistan.

from The Empire of a Smoker TG channel

An interesting fact: the cost of maintaining the war in Afghanistan was the same for the US as is presently the cost of Ukraine.

The US expenditure on sustaining the military contingent in Afghanistan amounted to $42 bln. The cost of maintaining the Afghani government in the form of external assistance was 42% of GDP in 2020, or some $8-9 bln.

Altogether, Afghanistan cost the U.S. $50-52 bln per year.

Notably, Ukraine’s cost is roughly the same: $50-60 bln. Of these, around $30 bln go towards the budget, and the other $20-30 bln – towards the arms supplies.


First, the U.S. had made a decision to start their own military operation in Ukraine BEFORE August 31, 2021 when they withdrew from Afghanistan in haste.

Secondly, the U.S. had been staying in Afghanistan for 20 years, hence they have been planning to stay in Ukraine for just as long.

Thirdly, since the Ukrainian economy is totally destroyed, and over 54% of its budget is refilled by external assistance, then the primary business of Ukraine is the war with Russia ((and soon perhaps it will be the only business). This means there will be no negotiations, for the war is now the sole guarantee of Ukraine’s existence.

What this means, is that it is highly unlikely that the war will end tomorrow or in a month. It will last for as long as the U.S. need it, until they reach their goals or lose the opportunity to do so.

Translated from Russian by Julia Shuvalova

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Mobilization in Russia and Thoughts on the “Flight”

While mobilization is underway, some people chose to flee Russia. The majority’s sentiment towards them is disdain.

Something we have expected from February is now happening. The mobilization has started in Russia last Wednesday, and today the reserve officers have departed for the training centres. A lot of experts were arguing for it since the beginning of the Special Military Operation, but I believe there is time for everything. Now is the time for Russian men to protect the newly-freed territories of Donbass and the Kherson and Zaporozhye Regions.

The new “Flight”

Meanwhile, some people chose to flee Russia back in February, and some are leaving now. If you want to know the sentiment of the majority of Russians towards this “flight”, it is mostly a disdain.

People often confuse the government and the country. Whereas the love and support for the country often mean the approval of the government, the attitude to the government doesn’t equal the attitude to the country, its people and culture. I may dislike the government for some of its (in)actions but my love for my country will not let me seek the revolution.

The effect of globalization and “democratization” has been such that the notions of national pride and patriotism have been mocked for years on end. Yet, as the recent events show, they have not become obsolete or redundant. Having something to be proud of is pertinent to a man. Having a role model is vital for self-development. And love for a country is the same as love for a family. This is what we see in Serbia – and in Italy, following the victory of the Brothers of Italy.

Alas, as we see today, the institute of a family is being destroyed in Europe and America, and love for the country is considered a manifestation of racism. In truth, however, loving the country, one’s family and compatriots is healthy and indicates a high degree of self-awareness and development, for this love prepares you to sacrifice many things for your loved one. Including your love.

Patriots Abroad

The reason why the Russian government is not preventing those fleeing the country from doing so is quite obvious. We don’t need cowards, we don’t need those who may work to destroy the country from within. We want real men, real citizens who love their country and their compatriots.

Someone I studied with at the Lomonosov MSU went to Turkey in February. He studied Art History, so obviously he considers himself a mouthpiece of the Russian “intelligentzia“. Recently he felt the urge to express his attitude to the military operation, Putin, and all of us who have not fled the country. We, he said, are his enemies.

Well, if so, then he and his co-thinkers are better off to be away from the Russian horde. However, I reminded him about the General Denikin who fled Russia in the aftermath of the Civil War but who one of the first to provide financial assistance to the Soviet State during the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945). The Russian composer Sergey Rachmaninov also donated his concert money to the USSR throughout the war years until his death in 1943. This is what he wrote in letters from 1941-1942:

November 19, 1941: “This is the only way in which I can express my compassion for the sufferings of the people of my homeland”.

March 25, 1942: “From one of the Russians – here is my assistance to the Russian nation in its fight against the enemies. I want to believe, and I do believe, in complete victory”.

Following the victory at Stalingrad, 1943, Rachmaninov addressed Joseph Stalin with a short letter:

“I am now confident that my Motherland will defeat the agressors. I also admire the fact that despite its greatest ordeal the musical culture of fighting Russia, including that of the Russian nation, continues to enthrall the world, it is alive and continues to develop. I am willing to accept that we were probably wrong in the early 1920s when we thought that the Russian art was doomed to be destroyed or degraded”.


So, mobilization is going well. The soldiers are not being sent straight to the front. They first arrive at the training camp and it is not certain that they will actually go to fight. The territories of Donbass and other two regions need the people militia and other male help. The link will take you to a report in Telegram of Moscow reserve soldiers departing for Donbass. As for those “scared patriots” who chose to leave their homeland, we kind-heartedly mock them. They still have not realised that nobody wants them in either Europe or America. But I would also close the boundary, for we want to live, make families and do business with reliable people. I wouldn’t want anyone who chose to run away to ever come back and claim back their workplaces and chairs.

Likewise, there is more than one military operation going on at the moment. There is a lot to do within the country, in Moscow alone, in the spheres of civil life, e.g. education, health service, etc. So, we have all been mobilized, but, as the events of the bygone days show, we will conquer Mars after this Victory. Watch this space (sic!)

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Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson, and Zaporozhye Are Returning to Russia

Today is a historic day in contemporary Russia. Four parts of the former Ukraine are voting to re-unite with the Russian state where they all once belonged.

Today is a historic day in contemporary Russia. Four parts of the former Ukraine – the People’s Republic of Donetsk and Lugansk (Donbass), the Kherson Region, and Zaporozhye – are voting to re-unite with the Russian state where they all once belonged. Here is a report by Graham Phillips.

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From Putin in Telegram TG channel:

We are all impressed by the courage of those who organise the referenda in DPR, LRP, the Kherson and Zaporozhye Regions. They receive threats and may be imprisoned for 10 years according to the Ukrainian laws. Everyone knows that their enemies, the Kiev regime, are terrorists who have already committed many crimes and who are eager to commit more to fulfill the orders of their foreign masters. All Russia is also impressed by the bravery of ordinary people who are presently visiting the polling stations to cast their vote. We shall win, for we have such people!

Translated from Russian by Julia Shuvalova

Neighbourhood Cam: Accepting Your Limits

When I look at these sweeping views from my window, I feel the world belongs to me. It really is my oyster. But I have to accept my human limitations. Say, after I headed a mastermind session, had a 30-minute interview, and chose a template for my educational project, I can’t do much more today. So, I’m going to spend the rest of the evening doing some house chores and preparing for tomorrow.

Federico García Lorca – Canción Novísima de los Gatos

To celebrate the unofficial World Cats’ Day here is Cancion Novisima de los Gatos by Federico Garcia Lorca, with a recital in Spanish.

The unofficial World Cats’ Day is celebrated on August 8th, so I’m sharing the original Spanish text of a poem by Federico García Lorca, Canción novísima de los gatos. I couldn’t find an English translation, so I’ll make a point of searching a library for it. The illustration is a portrait of Lorca’s friend of youth, Salvador Dali, with his pet ocelot. Read more about relationships between artists and their cats.

cancion novisima de los gatos
Salvador Dali and his pet ocelot

Canción novísima de los gatos

Mefistófeles casero
está tumbado al sol.
Es un gato elegante con gesto de león,
bien educado y bueno,
si bien algo burlón.
Es muy músico; entiende
a Debussy, más no
le gusta Beethoven.
Mi gato paseó
de noche en el teclado,
¡Oh, que satisfacción
de su alma! Debussy
fue un gato filarmónico en su vida anterior.
Este genial francés comprendió la belleza
del acorde gatuno sobre el teclado. Son
acordes modernos de agua turbia de sombra
(yo gato lo entiendo).
Irritan al burgués: ¡Admirable misión!
Francia admira a los gatos. Verlaine fue casi un gato
feo y semicatólico, huraño y juguetón,
que mayaba celeste a una luna invisible,
lamido (?) por las moscas y quemado de alcohol.
Francia quiere a los gatos como España al torero.
Como Rusia a la noche, como China al dragón.
El gato es inquietante, no es de este mundo. Tiene
el enorme prestigio de haber sido ya Dios.
¿Habéis notado cuando nos mira soñoliento?
Parece que nos dice: la vida es sucesión
de ritmos sexuales. Sexo tiene la luz,
sexo tiene la estrella, sexo tiene la flor.
Y mira derramando su alma verde en la sombra.
Nosotros vemos todos detrás al gran cabrón.
Su espíritu es andrógino de sexos ya marchitos,
languidez femenina y vibrar de varón,
un espíritu raro de inocencia y lujuria,
vejez y juventud casadas con amor.
Son Felipes segundos dogmáticos y altivos,
odian por fiel al perro, por servil al ratón,
admiten las caricias con gesto distinguido
y nos miran con aire sereno y superior.
Me parecen maestros de alta melancolía,
podrían curar tristezas de civilización.
La energía moderna, el tanque y el biplano
avivan en las almas el antiguo dolor.
La vida a cada paso refina las tristezas,
las almas cristalizan y la verdad voló,
un grano de amargura se entierra y da su espiga.
Saben esto los gatos mas bien que el sembrador.
Tienen algo de búhos y de toscas serpientes,
debieron tener alas cuando su creación.
Y hablaran de seguro con aquellos engendros
satánicos que Antonio desde su cueva vio.
Un gato enfurecido es casi Schopenhauer.
Cascarrabias horrible con cara de bribón,
pero siempre los gatos están bien educados
y se dedican graves a tumbarse en el sol.
El hombre es despreciable (dicen ellos), la muerte
llega tarde o temprano ¡Gocemos del calor!

Este gran gato mío arzobispal y bello
se duerme con la nana sepulcral del reloj.
¡Que le importan los senos (?) del negro Eclesiastés,
ni los sabios consejos del viejo Salomon?
Duerme tu, gato mío, como un dios perezoso,
mientras que yo suspiro por algo que voló.
El bello Pecopian (?) se sonríe en mi espejo,
de calavera tiene su sonrisa expresión.

Duerme tu santamente mientras toco el piano.
este monstruo con dientes de nieve y de carbón.

Y tú gato de rico, cumbre de la pereza,
entérate de que hay gatos vagabundos que son
mártires de los niños que a pedradas los matan
y mueren como Sócrates
dándoles su perdón.

¡Oh gatos estupendos, sed guasones y raros, y tumbaos panza arriba bañándoos en el sol!

Federico García Lorca (1898-1936)

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Neighbourhood Cam: Sunset at the Railroad Brigde

There are two railroads near where I live. One, with two Birulevo stations, runs between Paveletsky Railway Station and Domodedovo Airport;another, Pokrovskaya, runs between Serpukhov and Podolsk and Kurskaya Railway Station.

This Tuesday, as I was coming home from my weekly mastermind with other amazing girls, I decided to take a walk from the metro. I ended up walking along the bridge over Pokrovskaya station, and when I looked back at one point, this was the view I saw.

I love this gentle light of August evenings. In the last two days it was +50 in the sun and +31 in the shade. But in the evening when the temperature drops and people walk home, exhausted by the heat, the streets are filled with calm and silence. Life resumes under the sunset skies.

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