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Christmas Tree Challenge: Day 1

To lift our spirits and put us in the mood for upcoming festivities, I decided to make daily posts with Christmas trees. We aren’t celebrating the festival widely due to the special military operation; however, it doesn’t mean we can’t make ourselves warm and cozy with some magical photos. Thanks to Pinterest, it is easy to do. So, here goes… Day 1.

Source: Pinterest

December Magic Begins

We never like it when it rains on our parade. Yet apparently it’s quite different when it snows. Snow causes rapture and brings happiness.

In many Russian cities, including Moscow, people voted for Christmas and New Year decorations but against various parties and concerts. I nevertheless decided to keep to my tradition and organise festive season in my blog. In a few days I will also let you know about a project I started with my friend and ex-student.

Meanwhile, let’s start preparing for the end of Darkness and the coming of Light.

The view of Red Square and the Kremlin in Moscow. Source: Pinterest

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