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Saturday Music: Phos Hilaron

Phos Hilaron is considered the first church hymn in a proper sense. It was sung every evening. In the video it is sung by the Valaam monks.

This beautiful hymn, Phos Hilaron (Gentle Light (Svete Tikhy in Russian; Lumen Hilare in Latin; O Gladsome Light in English) is the first church hymn in its proper sense. Every evening when the Christians gathered for the service they sang it and lit the candle or lamp that symbolised the ever-living light of Jesus. You can read the story of the hymn. Below is a video of its performance in Old Church Slavonic by the monks of the Valaam Monastery.

(The evening service is on the way in Russian churches, but I have to visit the library today to take back the books).

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A natural kind of phos hilaron at the Ely Cathedral interior at sunset (Copyright Julia Shuvalova C 2010)

Time to Move to Russia

It is indeed the time to move to Russia and to bring over your “traditional” European or American heritage.

We shall welcome you all. I feel in a few years we will be rescuing the best of European and American culture, to save it from annihilation at the hands of modern-age barbarians who detest “the White Man”. So, it is indeed the time to move to Russia and to bring over your “traditional” European or American heritage.

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I applaud the fact that my country’s media people have come up with this propagandist video promoting some aspects of Russia that the other Russian media used to look down on with disdain. And no, we as a nation, are not happy that the European gas prices are rising, and in France you cannot even water the home gardens. What needs to be understood is that much of Western prosperity was built on unfair price-setting for countries like Russia. The price for gas IS high when you trade it fairly.

I’m contemplating the value bubble in which our world has been living for the last 30-60 years. The monetary cost and the non-monetary value of things mostly contradict each other. Once somebody could treat his physical possessions more than his health or his family. Today he treats his virtual possessions more than anything in the physical world. We now have to rebuild an entire country as physicals factories and plants, but this means there will be real work, real money, real relationships.

Time to move to Russia, folk.

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