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Spreadsheet Art: How to Start Loving Excel (And Such Like)

You will love this video if, like myself, you have always thought that Excel is for those tricky calculations, with too many functions that some folks just love using to produce even trickier results. I say ‘Excel’, but I could say ‘spreadsheets’ to avoid being associated with Microsoft Office only. Especially because the video was produced by Google. Now, there is more to Excel than just those boring data-filled spreadsheets, and it begins to feel really excellent. I almost see myself being converted from a nearly anti-spreadsheet person to someone who would love to learn using spreadsheet in such creative way. Of course, I can’t draw (only copy), but then I can see myself creating some abstract art. 2009 can very well be the year when I may excel at Excel (or spreadsheets, to avoid a tautology) – and so can you.

Read Google tutorial on how to venture into spreadsheet art. If you get to produce something of your own, post a video reply to Google folks. And thanks a lot to Mike @ TheBusyBrain for sending the link via Twitter.

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