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An Open Letter to Mr Thomas Bach, the Head of the International Olympic Committee

Dear Mr #Bach,On behalf of the Russian citizens who have long cherished the true #Olympic ideals, I am writing this post to let you know how pathetic you have been looking since you’ve been forced to launch the Crusade against the #RussianOlympicteam. The #IOC has already become a #disgrace to the notions of #sport, #peace, #integrity and even #politics. We are not interested in exactly what forces you to act as you do. We wonder how much more you can still do before the remains of your #conscience begin to awaken.

Forced by #WADA, you supported the “evidence” of a half-wit traitor and defector who you no doubt despise. You demonstrated a typically bureaucratic helplessness in situation with the #RussianParalympicathletes. You championed driving the country of Russia out of the competition. You instead invited the “#OlympicathletesfromRussia” to the sports bash. We, as the nation, could not expect to see a more biased, cowardly person as the head of the IOC.

And now within two days we first hear that the IOC may withdraw its sanctions against Russia, and next we learn that #Krushelnitsky’s probe may contain #meldonium that has been previously declared a #non-doping.

Dear Mr Bach, do you not realize that this upcoming doping investigation doesn’t support the Olympic ideals. It now supports the #AcademyAwards because those who bribe you need to prove that the film #Icarus isn’t a despicable lie disguised as a movie.

Dear Mr Bach, you’ve jumped into this mess with both feet, and I and all the Russian people can barely imagine what forced you to do so. However, I hope you also realise that your biggest disgrace still lies ahead. I don’t know which #scandal your peers and dons will orchestrate against you, but they certainly will do, and you know it. So, while you still can, I beseech you to do yourself a favour and stop making an idiot of yourself. We, Russians, despise cowards and traitors but we respect those who can correct their ways to stand up for integrity, against vice and corruption.

Please prove us you may still be worthy of our respect.

JS @olympics #thomasbach

Things We Miss The Most

I visited Britain for the first time 15 years ago, spending a month there, from early July till early August. In November I visited again, and in September 2003 I flew into what had become my seven-year period of life in England.

When I was returning home in 2010, my mother wondered if I missed any food. I craved some very special dairy products, but that was that.

I missed sunsets and some Moscow districts most.

Sunsets have always been spellbinding where I live. My grandma and I used to sit on our balcony on the 5th floor, enjoying the dramatic changes of colour and its intensity. Watching the horizont melting in subliminal gold or erupting in passionate union of red and purple couldn’t possibly have left my imagination untouched by the divine revelation. It took me years to admit that I was a believer, and sunsets were a reference point for my nascent faith in the 2000s.

What about you? What do you miss when you are away or alone?

To give you an idea of what I’m waxing lyrical about, here are some sunset photos from my neighbourhood.

Image credit: Julia Shuvalova

Changing, It Rests

Notwithstanding the well-known statement by Plato that one cannot step into the same river, it appears that Heraclytus did mean that the river had to flow to remain a river, hence we could step into it again, even though its waters could have changed over time.

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while know that in the past two years I was silent here. I lost access to my hosting account, and thus to this blog and other projects… only to realise it could be a blessing in disguise. So I took time to review many things, prompted, as strange as it may seem, by the events in my country. My friends list underwent some clearing, and I concentrated on teaching and writing.

So, two years later I’ve finally published a book (in English!), a lot of my articles appeared in print, I began to perform as a singer and discovered almost magic teaching abilities: some of my students passed exams in flying colours even though at the start of our lessons they could barely read in English!

And now I’ve decided to get back to blogging here. I really missed LCJ these past 6 months, and this was an indication that my river is waiting for me again.

The Ways of Love: Organ and Harp Concert

The visitors and residents of Moscow who love classical music are welcome to listen to music pieces for organ and harp. The concert is taking place on May 14th at Peter and Paul Lutheran Cathedral Church in Starosadsky Lane (Kitay-Gorod metro station). In the programme: the works of C. Debussy, M. Grangjani, G. Banschikov, B. Tischenko and others.

Date and time: May 14, 2017, 19:00.



Da Vinci – 565!

Дмитрий Мережковский – Леонардо да Винчи

О, Винчи, ты во всем — единый:
Ты победил старинный плен.
Какою мудростью змеиной
Твой страшный лик запечатлен!

Уже, как мы, разнообразный,
Сомненьем дерзким ты велик,
Ты в глубочайшие соблазны
Всего, что двойственно, проник.

И у тебя во мгле иконы
С улыбкой Сфинкса смотрят вдаль
Полуязыческие жены,—
И не безгрешна их печаль.

Пророк, иль демон, иль кудесник,
Загадку вечную храня,
О, Леонардо, ты — предвестник
Еще неведомого дня.

Смотрите вы, больные дети
Больных и сумрачных веков
Во мраке будущих столетий
Он, непонятен и суров,—

Ко всем земным страстям бесстрастный,
Таким останется навек —
Богов презревший, самовластный,
Богоподобный человек.