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Quotes On the Front Page: Alvarez Bravo On Inventions, Miller On Wholeness

As we have more and more inventions, the individuals becomes more and more separated from the society. – Manuel Alvarez Bravo

Мир стремится к тому, чтобы стать единым целым, сколь бы ни сопротивлялись части, его составляющие. – Генри Миллер.

Quotes On the Front Page: Arbus On Picture, Quignard On Joy

For me the subject of the picture is always more important than the picture. And more complicated. – Diane Arbus.

Человеку дарована лишь одна радость – ощущение жизни, когда она достигает своего апогея. И другой жизни у нас нет. – Паскаль Киньяр.

Quotes On the Front Page: Fidel Castro On Being Right, Nietzsche On Philosophers

Отсутствие исторического чувства есть наследственный недостаток всех философов. – Ф. Ницше

You may be able to convince me that I am wrong, but you cannot tell me that I am wrong without convincing me. – Fidel Castro

Quotes on the Front Page: Henry James On Venice, Goethe On Language

It takes a great deal to make a successful American, but to make a happy Venetian takes only a handful of quick sensibility. – Henry James

Кто не знает иностранных языков, тот не имеет понятия о своем собственном. – И.-В. Гёте

The Quotes on the Front Page are back, this time in a bilingual edition and in a form that can easily added to Pinterest or saved for good memory as an image.

Quotes About Laughter: Fyodor Dostoevsky

It is a bad sign when people stop understanding humour, irony, or joke. – Fyodor Dostoevsky.

This is a rare photographic portrait of Fyodor Dostoevsky, made by his close friend Konstatin Shapiro. The photograph was presented to Jacov Faddeevich Sakhar on 16 December, 1880 with the inscription in Dostoevsky’s own hand.

More about the photo: Lame Duck Books.