Los Cuadernos de Julia is an Arts and Culture blog that came into being on August 24th, 2006. The author was then based in the UK but since then has moved back to her home country, Russia. LCJ was conceived as an open notebook and has generally succeeded at being just that – a sketchy kind of narrative that follows physical, intellectual and mental peregrinations of its author. In this, it is a very personal account of world events, historical anecdotes and cultural occasions, which is shaped by the author’s two degrees in History and a varied experience in Arts, Media, Advertising, and Education. A dozen of interviews, original or translated, may also be found here and there under a special category. The blog was awarded a Google Blog of Note on August 24, 2009.

The author, Julia Shuvalova, is a writer and translator, fluent in a few European languages, in love with European, Arabic and Chinese cultures. She was born and presently lives in Russia, of which she is very proud. She teaches Languages and Journalism and occasionally lectures on Cinema. She has published a couple of books as a translator, two collections of essays and poems as an author, and has numerous publications as a poet and journalist. She lives in Moscow, skis in winter, and winds down with the knitting, surrounded by her pets.

Posts in Russian are avialable on a subdomain accessible via the menu / Посты на русском языке опубликованы на отдельном сайте, доступном через вкладку в меню.

The author is always happy to make a report about an interesting event or occasion, or to do an interview, or to be interviewed. All requests are welcome via a contact form below or on a dedicated page.



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