A Soviet Western Cinema Song

In 1987 Alla Sourikova, one of the “big” female names in Soviet/Russian cinema, made a comic interpretation of the story of the Wild West and the introduction of celluloid film to the United States. A Man from the Boulevard des Capucines hit the box-office with over 60 million viewers.

I am following up on my earlier promise to share my work by offering this poetic translation of one of the film’s songs. Like I said, I wanted to adapt it to the music, so that anyone who wanted could sing it to the tune.


People, gentlemen, and ladies!
Well, of course, we understand this:
Our world is no perfection,
And at times it’s quite bad.
There is very little hope
Any good should ever come of it.
So I’m happy to announce:
Even though I’m no God, but…

Chorus: And so, and finally, now
In this and in just any weather
First here, and then anyhow
We’ll change all the world for the better.
We’ll know no grief or anger,
We’ll live for common good,
Like we have dreamt forever,
But hardly ever could.
Cinema, cinema, cinema,
We’re mad about cinema!

I see fearful believers,
Even though now you’re quite glad,
For, alas! it wasn’t rare
You’ve been taken for the fools.
Oh, you don’t need any dreamers –
Yes, of course, we heard about that.
As for me, I’m not a dreamer,
And I well know what to do.


Our time is so different,
Sticks and carrots don’t mean a thing.
No idealists or tricksters
Ever lure us in their maze.
People, gentlemen, and ladies,
In the age of science and mechanism
There is no room for errors,
Only progress fills the space!